Price Analysis of ARC (ARC) and Pumptopia (PTPA)

ARC (ARC) Experiences a 332.84% Surge

After a constant low-price trend, ARC investors have rallied in favor of the bullish trend, which has formed a strong rally. The value of ARC was hovering around a low of $0.009751 per ARC during the bearish trend.

However, the buyers have rallied in the past 24-hours, which has formed a 332.84% rally, subsequently pushing the value of ARC to $0.04382. The trading volume for ARC has also elevated due to the strong buying sentiments of the bulls.

As of now, the sentiments of the bulls are quite high and they are eager to achieve higher milestones for the value of ARC. Therefore, the bulls may continue investing more money in favor of ARC, pushing the value of ARC to $0.08028.

As the sentiments of the investors grow stronger in favor of the bullish run, they may try matching the buying power of the bulls. This would elevate the rally rate tremendously for ARC in near future, which would cause the price of ARC to shoot up again.

With the strong push achieved by the bulls, the price of ARC may grow up to $0.1136 per ARC. Once ARC hits the particular, the next target they may lock would be $0.1373 per ARC, but it would require an even higher acquisition power from the bulls.

If the bulls are able to match the requirement of the trend, then the price of ARC may surge to the major resistance mark ($0.1373).

Pumptopia (PTPA) Experiences a 208.54% Surge

Pumptopia also witnessed a downtrend in the past 7-days, as it started the week at a low of $0.04674 per PTPA. In the next few days, the bullish investors kept backing out of the competition, and the price of Pumptopia continued dipping.

Such behavior demonstrated by the Pumptopia investors resulted in another major dive in the price of Pumptopia, bringing it down to $0.02409 per PTPA on March 19.

At this particular time, the situation seemed to be going completely out of the hands of the bulls. However, the reality was completely different from what the trend was suggesting.

The bulls were building up a strong rally at the lower levels, as they managed to push the price of Pumptopia up to 0.03353 per PTPA by March 22.

From there, the bulls have picked up the pace and they have launched a strong rally in the past 24-hours. With the help of a strong (208.54%) rally, the bulls have pushed the price of Pumptopia up to $0.1093 per PTPA.

If the bulls keep up with their buying rally, then Pumptopia may push up to $0.1662 per PTPA, and another stronger rally may elevate it to $0.2096 per PTPA.

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