Price Analysis of Cult DAO (CULT) and Its Not Art (NOTART)

As it is a new day, several new cryptocurrencies have made their way to the list of top performers. Among these cryptocurrencies are Cult DAO and Its Not Art that have exhibited really high gains in the past 24-hours. These cryptocurrencies have grown tremendously in value and it is being expected they may go for higher gains in the upcoming days. Let us have a look at these cryptocurrencies and analyze their performance in near future.


It was on March 18 when the price of Cult DAO was at a low of $0.0000001627 per CULT. Until March 22, the bears had successfully sustained the buying power of the bears with their strong selling ability. This is the reason why the price of Cult DAO wasn’t able to break through the $0.0000001650 per CULT price until the beginning of March 23.

It was on March 23, when the bulls managed to form a rally strong enough to break through the $0.0000001650 mark. By the end of March 23, Cult DAO not only crossed the $0.0000001650 mark, but it also reached up to $0.0000001757 per CULT mark.

From there, the price of Cult DAO only went up and in the past 24-hours, Cult DAO has experienced a 224.77% rally, which has pushed its price to $0.0000006097 per CULT.

If the bulls keep up with their strong rally, then the price of Cult DAO may continue to grow higher. In the upcoming days, the bulls may continue acquiring more Cult DAO, pushing it up to $0.000001294 per CULT.

As the momentum keeps rising and the moving averages also continue moving to the bullish side, the price of Cult DAO may surge to $0.000002022 per CULT.

Going forward, the bulls may push harder through their strong acquisition sentiments. This would push the price of Cult DAO up to $0.000002591 per CULT.

Its Not Art (NOTART)

Its Not Art has also experienced a significant surge in the past 24-hours, as a 221.23% rally has pushed its price up to $0.03820. The recent trend is a clear example that the bulls are coming in with high sentiments and acquisition power.

This is the reason why the price of Its Not Art has grown tremendously and it may continue experiencing the same trend in near future. The data suggests that going forward, the price of Its Not Art may grow up to $0.0804 per NOTART.

If the sentiments of the investors keep growing more bullish, they may increase their power of Its Not Art acquisition. This would result in pushing the price of Its Not Art all the way up to $0.1249, and then to $0.1595 per NOTART.

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