Price Analysis of FUTUREXCRYPTO (FXC) and Vulcano (VULC)

Time to go through the performance analysis of FUTUREXCRYPTO (FXC) and Vulcano (VULC) and analyze where they stand in terms of their performances. These cryptocurrencies have been experiencing alarming dips in the past 24-hours, but they were performing before that.

Let us run technical analysis on them to see where they will be in the upcoming days if their selling spree continues. For now, the bears seem to be in charge of their trend and they may stay that way for a long time. Still, the bulls can always do their magic and change the entire gameplay.

FUTUREXCRYPTO – 34.33% Plummet

The analysis data for FUTUREXCRPTO suggests that the investors have started retreating from their investments in digital assets. The trend ended up forming in the past 24-hours when the bears started selling FUTUREXCRPTO on a large scale. Their selling power formed a 34.33% selling spree, which has continued damaging the trading price of FUTUREXCRPTO.

Even now, the trading price of FUTUREXCRPTO is dipping and the situation is becoming worse for the investors. In order to save their investments, the investors have started flushing out the FUTUREXCRPTO they had in their possession.

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This has pushed the RSI below the midline and it is constantly dropping into the negative zone. At the time of writing, the FUTUREXCRPTO RSI is at 34.66 and the moving averages are also showing a “strong sell” preference.

This means that the investors may not stop selling FUTUREXCRPTO, which may result in pulling the price of FUTUREXCRPTO even lower. At the time of writing, the value of FUTUREXCRPTO is at $0.9583 and if the selling spree continues, FUTUREXCRPTO’s price may dip to $0.8624 per FXC.

Going forward, the bears may continue building more pressure over the bulls, which would result in pushing the price of FUTUREXCRPTO down to $0.7762 per FXC.

Vulcano – 30.30% Plummet

Vulcano is also moving into the dark zone, where the bears are really strong and the bulls have no power at all. So far, the strong selling powers of the bears have created a 30.30% plummet and the price of Vulcano has moved down to $0.1325 per VULC.

If the bulls keep retreating and their support marks are not defended, the bears may continue breaking them and pushing harder.

This would eventually push the price of Vulcano to the high support channel. These would be the last resort for the bulls as they cannot afford to lose at these marks. If they do, then Vulcano may become a failed cryptocurrency.

In the upcoming days, the bears may try and pull the price of Vulcano down to $0.1192 per VULC. If the selling pressure continues building, Vulcano may dip to $0.1073 per VULC.

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