Price Analysis of Outer Ring MMO (GQ) and Pickle Finance (PICKLE)

Outer Ring MMO Price Pushed up by 22.14%

Outer Ring MMO price has experienced a 22.14% surge in the past 24-hours, bringing its unit price up to a high benchmark. Although the bulls are currently in power, it wasn’t the same case for the bulls as the bears were reportedly running the show.

The price of Outer Ring MMO was at a lower value of $0.06852 per GQ, and the bears kept selling Outer Ring MMO on every rally that the bulls launched. However, the bulls launched a strong rally against the bears with full support coming in from the investors.

As a result of the rally, the price of Outer Ring MMO was pushed up to the high price of $0.08726 per GQ. Even now, the preference of the investors is towards the ascending trend. They want to invest in Outer Ring MMO on a higher level to push its price up to a higher channel.

In the upcoming days, the bulls may increase their buying power and bring the price of Outer Ring MMO to a high of $0.1057 per GQ.

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If the bulls do not face much resistance from the bears at the lower levels, they may continue with the rally. Such activity may push the price of Outer Ring MMO to a high of $0.1348 per GQ.

As the RSI and the moving averages for Outer Ring MMO move up into the bullish zone, then the price of Outer Ring MMO may grow up to $0.1693 per GQ.

Pickle Finance Price Pushed up by 21.55%

Pickle Finance has also moved into the higher zone in the past 24-hours, with strong gathering sentiments of the investors. The investors are currently supporting the bulls and this is the reason why the price of Pickle Finance has elevated substantially.

The past 24-hours recorded for Pickle Finance is 21.55% and the current unit price of Pickle Finance is worth $5.66 per PICKLE. If the sentiments of the investors remain strong, then they may continue pouring more money into the cause, which would evaluate Pickle Finance price up to $6.41 per PICKLE.

Over time, the RSI for Pickle Finance may also elevate into the strong bullish trend. This would mean that the bulls will have the ability to acquire Pickle Finance on a higher level, with full support from the investors.

In such a case, the price of Pickle Finance may grow all the way up to $6.83 per PICKLE. The bulls may not want to stop at the particular benchmark if their rally stays put. They may try and push Pickle Finance into the strong resistance zone, where the major resistance mark would be $7.06 per PICKLE.

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