Price Analysis of Kawakami (KAWA) and BNBBack (BNBBACK)

While the major cryptocurrencies are experiencing dips in their prices in the past 24-hours, the new digital assets seem to be performing really well. If you think that is an overstatement, then you need to go through the price analysis of Kawakami (KAWA) and BNBBack (BNBBACK). Their analysis would show exactly how well they have been performing in the past 24-hours.

Kawakami Price has Surged 322.54%

When the month of March began, Kawakami observed a unit price of $0.0000002146 per KAWA. While the bulls kept increasing their buying power, the bears were always able to outperform them with even more selling power.

As a result, the price of Kawakami kept revolving around $0.0000002146 per KAWA. However, the bulls were not ready to give up that easily, as they did not halt the accumulation activities for Kawakami. They kept acquiring Kawakami at a lower level, which the bears were not interested to push back.

This gave an opening to the bulls and they were able to bring in more investors to their side. Finally, the bulls launched their rally on a high scale, once they had high support from the investors with high sentiments.

Subsequently, the bulls were able to form a 322.54% rally, which helped push the price of Kawakami to a high of $0.0000009068 per KAWA. The bulls now have more confidence than ever in pushing the price of Kawakami to higher resistance levels.

The first high resistance checkpoint the bulls may attempt to hit would be $0.000001638 per KAWA. To make it happen, the bulls will need to push harder with increased buying power and proving their might against the bears.

As the demand for Kawakami continues growing, it may continue elevating to high resistance marks. The second high resistance mark for Kawakami is expected to be $0.000002298 per KAWA. Over time, the bulls may grow the confidence of going for a higher buying run, in order to push it to the major resistance mark.

Given the current situation of Kawakami, the major resistance mark Kawakami may hit would be $0.000002761 per KAWA.

BNBBack Price has Surged 299.46%

Then comes BNBBack whose bulls have also demonstrated a lot of determination in pushing BNBBack to a high value. At the time of writing, BNBBack is hovering around a unit price of $0.002182 per BNBBACK. BNBBack has reached the particular mark after getting pushed up by the bulls by 299.46%.

With the growing interest of the investors in the bullish trend of BNBBack, it is expected that BNBBack’s demand may surge. This would push the price of BNBBack to a high value of $0.005449. As the RSI and the moving averages grow more bullish, BNBBack may grow up to $0.01309 per BNBBACK.

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