Price Analysis of Misbloc (MSB) and Bloktopia (BLOK)

Misbloc (MSB) Price Surges by 35.99%

Misbloc currently seems to be moving on the high track as the bulls have gathered in favor of the digital in the past 24-hours. Before the elevation, the price of Misbloc was at a low of $0.029 per MSB.

The bears tried their best to keep the bulls under their control but they were not able to hold them for long. This is because the bulls soon launched their attack against the bears and managed to launch a 35.99% rally, which has elevated the value of Misbloc to a high of $0.03923 per MSB.

Even now, the bulls are filled with confidence as they haven’t lost any hope in the bullish trend for Misbloc. They may continue acquiring as much Misbloc as possible, which is proven by the 82.22% elevation Misbloc’s trading volume has witnessed.

At the moment, the 24h trading volume for Misbloc is worth $4,264,015. The fully diluted valuation for Misbloc has also experienced a huge surge in the past 24-hours due to the high rally.

Going forward, the bulls may continue adding more value to Misbloc by purchasing more Misbloc. This would eventually result in pushing the price of Misbloc up to the first strong resistance ($0.5478 per MSB).

If the sentiments of the bulls and the investors continue growing, then the price of Misbloc may surge to $0.7147 per MSB. As the investors keep following the bulls, the price of Misbloc may also grow up to $0.9134 per MSB.

Bloktopia (BLOK) Price Surges by 34.70%

Bloktopia has also experienced a high surge in the past 24-hours, which is due to the strong sentiments of the bulls. The constant bullish sentiments of the bulls have driven the neutral investors to their side. So far, the high sentiments of the investors have pushed the price of Bloktopia higher by 34.70%.

As a result of the strong rally, the price of Bloktopia has elevated to $0.02473 per BLOK. If the sentiments of the investors keep growing, the price of Bloktopia may grow up to $0.04576 per BLOK.

If things keep working out in favor of the bulls, they may continue acquiring Bloktopia at a higher rate. This would further strengthen the ability of the investors in acquiring Bloktopia and may elevate their confidence. As a result, the price of Bloktopia may get launched into the strong resistance zone.

If the bears do not let the bulls cross the $0.02473 per BLOK mark, then they may pull it down to $0.2134 per BLOK. The bears may attempt to pull the price of Bloktopia below the $0.2000 mark and if they succeed in doing that, then Bloktopia may dip to $0.1651 per BLOK.

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