Price Analysis of Pancake Games (GCAKE) and Parex (PRX)

Pancake Games Price Grows by 79.00%

The price of Pancake Games (GCAKE) was reportedly at a low of $0.0000002746 per GCAKE on March 26. It was from March 21, the bears started selling Pancake Games at a high level, which resulted in the value of Pancake Games moving in the descending channel.

From March 21 until March 26, the price of Pancake Games had continued diving until the bulls took control of the situation. They launched a strong rally at a rate of 79.00%, which uplifted its value to a high of $0.0000004997 per GCAKE.

If the bulls remain strong and keep showing off their buying potential, the value of Pancake Games may continue growing to higher marks. The first milestone that the bulls may succeed in achieving would be $0.000000970 per GCAKE.

With the momentum increasing in terms of rallies, the price of Pancake Games may continue to grow higher. The next high mark the bulls may achieve by investing more money would be $0.0000008347 per GCAKE.

The moving averages and the RSI for Pancake Games may also take a huge flight within the bullish zone. This would raise the trading price of the GCAKE/USDT pair to $0.0000009172 per GCAKE.

On the contrary, if the bears show enough resistance against the bulls at $0.0000004997 per GCAKE, they may succeed in bringing Pancake Games below the $0.0000004497 per GCAKE mark.

If the bulls keep losing their sentiments in Pancake Games and start going neutral, the bears may take an advantage of such behavior and pull Pancake Games down to $0.0000004047 per GCAKE.

The bears may attempt to bring the price of Pancake Games even lower by exerting more selling pressure. This would bring the RSI and the moving averages into the negative zone and pull the price of Pancake Games to $0.0000003642 per GCAKE.

Parex Price Grows by 73.75%

Parex (PRX) is also experiencing an uptrend where the bulls have successfully pushed its price higher by 73.75% in the past 24-hours. They have increased their buying potential, which has brought the price of Parex all the way up to the current high price ($2.92).

If the buyers keep the rally running and the momentum keeps building up, the price of Parex may continue surging. As the bulls succeed in sustaining the pressure coming from the bulls at $2.92, they may succeed in pushing Parex up to $3.45 per PRX.

As the bulls increase the buying level of Parex, its demand may continue rising, which would eventually bring its unit price all the way up to $3.77 per PRX. If the buying spree intensifies, the bears will have no way but to retreat, allowing the bulls to push Parex up to $4.12 per PRX.

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