Price Analysis of Vangold (VDG) and ValentineDoge (VDOGE)

Vangold (VGD) Experiences a 3575.75% Surge

Vangold has proven to be one of the most demanded and highly invested cryptocurrencies in the past 24-hours. CoinMarketCap has reported that Vangold has observed a 3575.75% surge in value.

After the surge, the value of Vangold is at $0.00007941 per VGD, but it is expected that the bulls are not out of resources to give up. The bulls are expected to give their best in order to push the value of Vangold to a higher figure.

In the upcoming days, the cryptocurrency market may observe another significant push in the value of Vangold. The bulls may increase the buying potential, which may push Vangold to a higher price.

In the upcoming days, the Vangold buyers may increase their buying power to push it up to $0.00009244 per VGD. The bulls may keep going for higher investments, which would elevate its value to a high of $0.0001314 per VGD.

As of now, the RSI as well as the moving averages are going in favor of the bulls. This means that the price of Vangold may continue surging in near future. The RSI is currently hovering within the positive dimension, which is promising for the investors with positive sentiments.

Given the factors are favoring the bullish trend, the investors can carry on investing more money into VGD and push its value higher.

ValentineDogeGrows by 1364.32%

ValentineDogehas reportedly grown by a large percentage in the past 24-hours. The CoinMarketCap report has reported that ValentineDoge’s value has elevated by 1364.32%, which has significantly pushed its price to a higher benchmark.

At the time of publication the trading value of the VDOGE/USDT pair is worth $0.000000001668 per VDOGE.

The trading volume for VDOGE has also been pushed up by the bullsand the trend is expected to continue for a longer period of time.

If the bulls keep flushing out more money to gain more VDOGE, then the value of the digital asset may continue getting pushed higher.

At the moment, the bulls are investing money into VDOGE as well as keeping their eye on the RSI. The other factors that would follow the RSI would be the moving averages and the oscillators. If these factors also end up ascending, the value for VDOGE would increase tremendously.

As the investors keep adding more money, the value of VDOGE may elevate into the resistance zone. The first resistance mark the bulls may aim to achieve would be $0.000000003120 per VDOGE.

From there, the value of VDOGE may continue surging and get pushed to the second resistance line, which is $0.000000004243 per VDOGE.

The bulls may attempt hitting another major resistance mark by increasing their acquisition power. This would elevate the value of VDOGE to $0.000000005163 per VDOGE.

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