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Global CTB is a global platform and has benefited thousands of traders and investors so far. But it is restricted in some countries due to strict rules and regulations implemented by their government financial authorities. Moreover, it offers services in different languages of the world to deal clients in their language for their satisfaction.

Global CTB Review

Are you going to invest in cryptocurrency for the first time? If so, then I will tell you how good your decision is. Cryptocurrency is, now, a broader term to cover all the digital currencies that are, currently, in hundreds but only a few of them are really possessed the potential

But which cryptocurrency sets the ground for the digital economy? Yes, it is called digital gold- Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto took a step and shared a whitepaper about his plan for digital currency- free from any third-party. Soon after, he laid the foundation of the first-ever cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

Bitcoin boom when people realize the potential in it to change to the financial structure of the world; and most of the credit goes to the technology underlying the bitcoin called blockchain. Blockchain enables the transactions from peer-to-peer, thus, removing the central authority from the scene. The privacy and secure nature of public ledger also triggered Bitcoin upward.

Currently, not only bitcoin exists but there are many cryptocurrencies that are becoming safe alternatives to be used as payments such as Ethereum, Ripple, and many others. Investors are wise people who invest only in potential projects- having a bright future like bitcoin.

Investors started investing in cryptocurrency realizing the optimistic future of bitcoin and other digital assets. Today, the best method to invest in cryptocurrency is to start trading them. They give high returns when comparing to other traditional assets out there.

Which broker to choose for trading cryptocurrency? Ok, you have decided to make your career in the crypto trading and now, you are confused about picking the best broker for you to move further. Yes, you have a right to confuse or in doubt when selecting the platform for trading because there are many scam brokers in the market.

Cryptocurrency is offering on many brokers for trading but you must select the one that caters your needs and safeguard your assets. I am not recommending any broker but according to my personal experience, I suggest you try Global CTB for cryptocurrency trading.


  • Brief Introduction to Global CTB
  • 6 Types of Accounts for Making Trading Easier
  • Exceptional Facilitation via Account Managers
  • Wide Range of Cryptocurrencies for Trading
  • Users can learn About Trading from Global CTB Education Portal
  • Security of your Crypto Assets
  • Professional Team of Global CTB
  • Deposits and Withdraws- Easy to Follow Process
  • Register Yourself on Global CTB to Start Trading
  • Competitive Fees and Commissions
  • Is it Legit or not?
  • Active Customer Support Round the Clock
  • Conclusion

Brief Introduction to Global CTB

GlobalCTB is a cryptocurrency broker that is registered with the financial regulator, the regulatory body for financial institutions and exchanges. The financial regulator has some criteria to check the validity and reliability of a broker. GlobalCTB’s membership with the needed financial regulator reveals that it meets all the standards of security and privacy.

In case of any issue or complaint related to users, financial regulator acts as a third party to resolve the issue based on the rules and the regulations. So, don’t worry about the legitimacy of the broker as it is regulated.

GlobalCTB is a place for cryptocurrency trading that lets you make successful executions of different reliable cryptocurrencies. This is not just a place for trading but the site also assists step by step to face the challenges while playing with cryptocurrency- the most volatile assets out there.

GlobalCTB is also acting as a learning site where new beginners know about the basics; professional ones try to adopt skillful strategies for trading. The professional team behind the broker and 24/6 functional customer care portal makes Global CTB a distinct broker for crypto trading.

6 Types of Accounts for Making Trading Easier

There is a lot of difference between the new babies and expert gurus in terms of experience. Therefore, Global CTB has provided the opportunity to its customers to create the account based on his or her needs as well as investment.

Those who are fresh to crypto trading can start from the basic level. But for those, who want to earn more by investing more, the VIP account is best. I will brief you about all the account types in the few possible words.

Basic ($250)

In the list of six accounts, the basic account is the first one on the list that can be open only for $250. For your peace of mind with the site, the basic account can make you familiar with the services of You can also experiment with the site with the basic account in order to make sure about its legitimacy.

Besides such a low limit for the deposit, they are offering outstanding services: assistance from education center; daily market review for best strategies to apply; prices alerts to make you conscious of the price ups and downs; Pro webinars for guidance; and 24/6 support. Moreover, a welcome bonus of 30% is also waiting for you.

Beginner ($10,000)

If you have some experience with the cryptocurrency but still, not aware of the skills and strategies to make winning executions, then, you will get assistance from the junior account manager. But for this, you will have to deposit a minimum of $10,000 to open a beginner account.

Besides help from the junior account manager, they are also offering other features mentioned above in the basic account. With beginner account, one can also get a 40% welcome bonus.

Medium ($25,000)

With a medium account, you will be accommodated by the Global CTB in a better way as a senior account manager will provide market insights and guides to make better decisions regarding trading. The minimum deposit to open a medium account is $25,000. The broker will also teach you how to do profitable trading with educational modules. After opening a medium account, you will get a 60% welcome bonus.

Advanced ($50,000)

Investors and traders who are willing to earn more money from invested money can opt for the advanced account for this purpose. Global CTB is offering two exceptional things: one is the assistance from the VIP account manager and the other is a 70% welcome bonus.

PRO ($100000)

As the deposit limit increases, the opportunity to get more capital surges. For professional traders, the PRO account is the best one to fill their bank account with earned money. As the profit reaches to peak level in this type of account, you are required to deposit $100000 to avail the opportunity. Hurry up, 80% welcome bonus is waiting for you.

VIP (For Exclusive Clients)

Those who want to play big games can contact their account managers for further details to open the VIP account. Those who are willing to open VIP accounts are called exclusive clients by the brokers as they are highly experienced traders. For these clients, GlobalCTB has more services along with previously mentioned assistance modules.

Exceptional Facilitation via Account Managers

GlobalCTB hired experienced account managers, with a high level of client negotiation skills, in order to facilitate its customers in the best possible way. These managers aid the account holders to manage their portfolio with an outstanding diversification of capital on different digital assets.

On the basis of account types, account managers of different expertise levels help out the account owners: junior account manager for beginner account; senior account manager for a medium account; and VIP account managers for advanced and Pro accounts respectively. You can also get trading insights from these account managers to aid in the process of cryptocurrency trading.

Wide Range of Cryptocurrencies for Trading

On the broker, you will find those digital assets that are considered reliable and profitable. Out of all, Bitcoin, as you know, is known as the digital gold that made many millionaires since the time of its inception. Bitcoin is called the most potent asset on the planet as compared to other traditional assets out there.

Besides bitcoin, Global CTB is also offering reputable digital assets for trading that are known for high ROI values. For example, Ethereum is the native coin of the Ethereum Network- known for providing the best dApps in the market. Similarly, XRP is the native currency of the Ripple network- that is struggling to lay out the foundation of the best cross-border payment framework.

Global CTB listed the best digital currencies based on the potential projects as investors always go for potential projects with high return values. A wide range of digital assets available that are paired with the reputable fiat currencies.

Users Can learn About Trading from Global CTB Education Portal

The broker has established an education center on the site that comprised of comprehensive learning material about cryptocurrency as well as trading. This extensive guide material helps out the users in understanding fundamental concepts about cryptocurrency and trading.

The education section is comprised of videos, ebooks, news about crypto markets, charts for analysis, market caps, and historical data of coins’ price values. You will be accessible to all videos after opening an account with the broker. These videos cover basic topics such as: what is bitcoin? What is Ethereum? What is crypto trading? If you are new to the field, you can learn by watching these comprehensive videos.

Similarly, ebooks are also offered to make you familiar with digital currency and its trading. But the content of ebooks will unlock when you make an account on Global CTB. Besides videos and ebooks, the brokers also update you by providing top trending news about the digital coins. The charts, historical data of coins, and market cap empower you to make bold decisions about which cryptocurrency is the best to invest within the particular time frame.

Security of your Crypto Assets

Before picking up any broker, the traders make sure that whether it is secure to submit funds for trading. The same goes for any broker whether it is a cryptocurrency trading place or a stockbroker. As I have my personal experience with the site, I can assure you that your crypto assets are in safe a place.

Based on the users’ reviews and comments, GlobalCTB is a secure and trustable cryptocurrency broker. Moreover, the broker has used advanced technology to safeguard the crypto assets. The top-notch encryption on the part of the platform further protects your funds.

In the recent few years, various crypto exchanges got hacked by hackers. As a result, millions of dollars washed away due to non-competitive exchange security measures. Similarly, sometimes customers’ data breached and they lost their hard-earned money due to theft attacks.

By keeping in view the increasing theft attacks day by day, the highly professional developers behind the Global CTB designed the site in such a way that no one can breach the security measure. The site is not vulnerable to any kind of stealing attack.

Professional Team of Global CTB

The success and outreach of the broker to such a great number of traders across the world is due to the experienced and professional team behind the GlobalCTB. Behind every successful business, there is a dedicated and diligent team that boost up the company to the next level.

GlobalCTB is a product by professional traders who have spent many years in the trading. With outstanding knowledge in trading, the staff of the broker accommodates the users to the optimum level in the best possible way. They work round the clock to make traders proficient in making a handsome amount of profit by taking the right decisions at the right time.

The team is not helping out the customers with personal support but also launch an educational portal to teach, the news babies as well as mediocre traders, about trading techniques and tactics.

Deposits and Withdraws – Easy to Follow Process

The initial step to start the trading journey with any broker is to deposit the minimum amount to open an account. Most brokers take a long process to follow in order to deposit funds and also charge taxes on deposit amounts.

Global CTB offers a very simple and easy to follow process for submitting funds in the broker wallet. It offers a wide variety of payment options such as Wire Transfer, Visa/MasterCard, and Cryptocurrency. To make deposits with the Wire Transfer take a lot of time, that’s why they have added the option of Visa and cryptocurrency so that traders’ time will not waste in waiting.

The legit nature of the brokerage is checked at the time of withdrawal. Scam brokers will not allow you to withdraw your funds and you will be left empty-handed in the end. On the platform of Global CTB, you can easily withdraw your funds anytime without any difficulty. However, you should meet the minimum limit before withdrawing your funds.

Register Yourself on GlobalCTB to Start Trading

The signup process is very quick to follow and simple, unlike many other platforms. And the registration is the first step to start your trading voyage with the GlobalCTB. In order to become the official member of the GlobalCTB, you give the personal information to the site such as First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Country of Residence, and creating a strong password for your account in the end.

After the signup process, the next step is to choose the type of account you want to run. There are six different accounts available: Basis, Beginner, Medium, Advanced, Pro, and VIP.  You can pick any of these depending on the amount of investment and your personal needs.

Global CTB is a global platform and has benefited thousands of traders and investors so far. But it is restricted in some countries due to strict rules and regulations implemented by their government financial authorities. Moreover, it offers services in different languages of the world to deal clients in their language for their satisfaction.

Competitive Fees and Commissions

Most traders open their accounts on those brokers that have low commission rates on executions and services. This is because they want a flexible environment so that they can execute maximum trades in order to earn more profit.

Global CTB set the commission rates and fees to very low in order to compensate its customers to the optimum level. However, the fee structure is not shown on the site but according to my personal exposure with the site, I can assure you the fees are very competitive as compared to other cryptocurrency brokerage services providers.

Is it Legit or not?                                                                                   

The foremost thing, before going on with any brokerage provider, is to check the reliability and the legitimacy of the trading platform. And the people who are already become the victims of any kind of stealing attack are very conscious and sensitive before choosing any crypto broker.

New traders who are fresh ones to the crypto arena usually got scammed in the hands of scammers. This is because they choose the wrong broker for trading. The Global CTB is a legit brokerage platform as it is owned and controlled by Axent Sigma Ltd that lets you execute winning trades with full security.

The criteria to check the reliability of the broker is to find whether it is regulated by any regulated body or government authority and having a proper license for trading. So, let’s do this with Global CTB and ask from those who have used the broker: ask them to share their experience.

As clearly mentioned on the main page of the site that it is fully regulated by the financial regulator that is international regulatory body involves in the resolution of disputes related to Cryptocurrency, CFD, and Forex. Furthermore if you search for other Global CTB reviews and comments on the internet, you will find that most if not all of the reviews and client comments are positive and assuring.

Active Customer Support Round the Clock

When reading about traders’ reviews about any broker, we come to know that most of the people have an issue with the broker response as the support team of the company is not answering to their issues.  This causes the downfall of any company because customers are not their first priority.

GlobalCTB understands the seriousness of the most recurring issue with brokers. Their first priority is to provide services to the clients round the clock in low commission rates. The support team is active and very diligent in solving the users’ issues within less time. Besides a direct approach with the support team, they have also given the FAQs for most recurring queries.


Global CTB is designated as a top cryptocurrency trading platform out of hundreds of brokers. This is due to its low commission rates, advanced security measures to safeguard users’ assets, reliability as regulated by the financial regulator, and a professional team comprised of top-class account managers.

Besides the stunning features mentioned above, the education section on the site has helped thousands of traders and investors to make wise decisions while trading. The market reviews and insights on a weekly and monthly basis make Global CTB more charming for investors. In the bottom line, I would like to place Global CTB in the list of top cryptocurrency brokers in the crypto community.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I get personal assistance from the site for effective trading?

Yes, Global CTB hired account managers to guide the clients in making a decision that results in a handsome amount of profit. Besides this, If you have queries, you can contact the Global CTB’s ‘Contact Us’ section. You will be accommodated in the best possible way.

Can I deposit with Wire Transfer?

Yes, one can deposit the funds with Wire Transfer but it can take some working days. Besides Wire Transfer, other methods are also available for payments such as credit cards and cryptocurrency.

Are my funds secure on Global CTB?

As the broker, Global CTB, is regulated with the needed financial regulators, it is 100% secure. Your funds are secured with advanced encryption protected against any kind of vulnerability or theft attack.

Which cryptocurrencies are offered for trading on the platform?

There is a wide range of robust and potential digital assets available for trading such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and many others. These cryptocurrencies are paired against the reputable fiat currencies.

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