All You Need To Know About Monero (XMR)

What is Monero (XMR)?

Monero is a type of cryptocurrency that is focused on preserving consumer privacy. This digital currency ensures that the consumers are able to make digital transactions in a secure and anonymous manner.

For this purpose, the Monero network uses protocols such as ring-signatures, ring confidential transactions, and stealth addresses. Monero is one of the most popular privacy-based decentralized digital currencies.

The main use case of this product is the default anonymity of the users. Monero investors are able to conduct transactions in a secure and private manner. At the same time, the privacy protocol of the product also secure details regarding the receiver and transacted amount.

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Its intensive privacy features are touted as both a major advantage and a limitation of the product. At the same time, the product is regarded among investors who are opting for financial security.

Is Monero Legal?

Monero has gained traction among investors on account of its privacy-prone design. However, there are some jurisdictions where the governments have imposed a ban on XMR such as Dubai.

At the same time, centralized exchanges such as Coinbase have also delisted this digital currency citing concerns around involvement in illegal trades. Financial regulators have aired concerns that the widespread adoption of XMR can lead to lack of regulatory compliance over national financial systems.

On this account, there are some legal constraints associated with XMR usage. The investors of this currency need to have the technical skill and knowledge about the regulatory guidelines within their jurisdictions. The product was first introduced in 2014 and has stayed operational till date despite regulatory crackdown and scrutiny.

Origin of Monero

Monero started out as Bytecoin, the first digital currency that was based on CryptoNote technology. This product was introduced in 2012. The product did not continued but laid foundation for various privacy coins such as Monero.

The CryptoNote technology is used in privacy-based cryptocurrencies such as Monero to add security and anonymity. The product was named Bitmonero when it was first launched and later renamed as Monero.

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Since its inception, various updates and upgrades have been added to Monero. These upgrades have increased the security, privacy, and efficiency of Monero token. Some of the protocols added to the digital currencies are bulletproofed and randomX.

Monero blockchain also introduced atomic swap for Bitcoin that allowed investors to conduct trustless exchanges of Bitcoin with XMR token without centralized exchange or intermediary.

The new projects of Monero include Monero-Ether atomic swaps and second-layer solutions for increasing transaction speed and scalability. Anonymous researchers working in tandem with Monero Research Labs (MRL) present and create solutions for adding new updates and features on the blockchain network.

Privacy Features of Monero

Here are some of key components of Monero blockchain:


Transactions conducted on Monero are bundled in a ring formation that makes it impossible for ascertain the total sent amount.

Ring Signatures

Ring signatures secure the identity of the sender presenting it as part of a group. In this manner, it is impossible for the investors to determine the sender that have initiated the transaction.

Stealth Addresses

Stealth addresses secures the identification of both senders and receivers. This works by generating one-time address for every transaction and makes it difficult to link multiple transactions to the same recipient.


Zero-knowledge proof is used to decrease the size of secured transactions on the blockchains. Bulletproofs assist investors to improve scalability and decrease transaction fees.


It is a decentralized mining pool that allows miners to combine resourced and mine XMR coins. In this manner, miners can promote decentralization and prevent concentration of mining power in one place.


It is a Central Processing Unit or CPU that optimizes Proof of Work algorithm to add network security and prevent ASIC mining. In this manner, investors can mine XMR using CPUs and general processing units. At the same time, t brings more decentralization to the mining system of the Monero blockchain. 

Smart Mining

Smart mining is a type of Monero currency that makes XMR less intrusive and more enery-efficient in comparison to regular mining. This entails adding more nodes to mine XMR using computer systems and renting out unused computational power. This mining system also prevents problems such as overheating and battery draining.  


Monero is one of the most used privacy-based cryptocurrencies. This blockchain is not traceable like the Bitcoin network and has added agility and scalability.

Author: Isacco Genovesi

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