Binance’s Newly Launched Data Feed Network Will Bridge Blockchains And Web3

Binance, a crypto exchange, has declared to introduce Binance Oracle (an exclusive network of data feed). This would permit the smart contracts of the blockchain to link to real-world data, beginning with BNB Chain – the exchange’s in-house blockchain offering.

Binance Oracle to Join Blockchains and Web3 via Its Smart Contracts

Binance Oracle will permit the BNB Chain’s present decentralized applications (DApps) as well as the Web3 ecosystem associates to access present data sources along with advanced computations. More than 10 BNB Chain programs have in advance obtained Binance Oracle network’s integration, as confirmed by Binance.

In the future, the venue will also offer the feature to link between smart contracts as well as off-chain data.

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While elaborating on the significance of the network, Gwendolyn Regina (the investment director at BNB Chain) said that the utilization of oracles is aimed at increasing the knowledge of smart contracts about the things being done external to the blockchain, permitting it to reply to external events.

In addition to this, the crypto exchange disclosed using zona domains to guarantee the uptime of the system amid unexpected calamities across the globe.

The network utilizes mechanisms like an internal Threshold Signature Scheme to cope with every data feed as well as price aggregation with the utilization of an algorithm to guarantee great reliability.

The crypto exchange keeps on delving into several crypto businesses, benefiting from the latest position of the platform as the biggest crypto exchange entity concerning trading volume.

Binance Pool Allocates $500M for Loans to Assist Crypto Mining Market

On the 17th of this month, a mining arm of Binance – Binance Pool – introduced a fund of up to $500 million to provide loans to support the industry of crypto mining. While commenting on this endeavor, a spokesperson at the exchange specified the criteria covering a potential borrower.

As per the spokesperson, there is a requirement for the applicant to be a consumer of Binance VIP along with connecting a minimum of 500 PH/s for at least twenty-four months to the Binance Pool after the issuance of the respective loan. The declaration moved on to bring out some conditions needed for the issuance of the loans.

One of them is that the duration of the loan would be between 18 and 24 months. The others take into account the interest rates of up to five to ten percent as well as the provision of some digital or physical assets in the form of security.

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