Immediate Bitcoin Review – Is it a Scam or a Legitimate Trading Robot?

Immediate Bitcoin Review – What We Found Out about Immediate Bitcoin

Right from the get-go, Immediate Bitcoin makes very bold promises. That it can earn you between $950 and $2200 daily, and that it is the world’s most intelligent crypto application. That got me and my good friend Albert (the crypto trading expert) very much interested. You know, in the recent past, it has become our hobby to put crypto trading solutions to the task. In particular, we want to see if they deliver on their promises.


Immediate Bitcoin


Cypher Mind HQ

Free to use

81% Claimed win-rate
$250 Min Deposit
Accepts Debit and Credit Card
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As usual, we had an excellent plan. The first step was to look around the Immediate Bitcoin official website, install the application on our devices, signing up, and look at the dashboard. The second step was to look for people who use the platform and find out what their experience has been so far.

Then we had to talk to the guys behind the project, or at least their representative and hear their side of the story. Last but not least, we put in our own money and carry out a few trades and see if we stand a chance to make some profits. Of course, we set aside an amount we could afford to lose.

Our first impression

So, our first and overall impression, after doing preliminary look around and talking to a few people, is that Immediate Bitcoin is a legit trading application. Of course, this is a critical observation given that the crypto space is riddled with many scams purporting to provide genuine trading solutions.

To be honest, the level of returns promised at first seemed to us to be a little unattainable. However, when we tried the system ourselves, we were indeed persuaded that the application could deliver on that promise.

Keep reading to find out our observation on specific aspects of the application. Meanwhile, you can visit the Immediate Bitcoin site and have the initial fee.

What exactly is Immediate Bitcoin

Cypher Mind HQ

Immediate Bitcoin is a trading application that is powered by an artificial intelligent protocol. Basically, it is a program that is trained to observe nuanced movements of crypto prices at the marketplace and make appropriate calls or orders on behalf of a trader.

It is an application that comes handy for traders who are not tech-savvy enough to understand how the crypto markets work and how to trade in them manually. It is also a tool that experienced traders can use to automate their processes so that they are free to do other things.

How does Immediate Bitcoin work

Immediate Bitcoin relies on real-time data fed to it from thousands of oracles on the internet. It analyses this data and identifies particular patterns that can accurately predict future movements. However, the most important aspect of the application is that it can be trained to make brilliant moves using past history.

Of course, there are many crypto trading bots out there. There is one thing that stood out for us about Immediate Bitcoin. That is the fact that it uses AI to identify and act on only profitable positions. In other words, it trades only when it knows it is going to make a profit. Even more, it is one of the few trading bots that have a robust capacity to support arbitrage trading.

The application scans all major crypto exchanges from around the globe and simultaneously determines the trends on each. It then places appropriate orders on each. It buys on exchanges where the price is relatively lower and sells on those with higher price offers.

Some of the major crypto exchanges that Immediate Bitcoin trades on include the likes of Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, Poloniex and Bittrex.

How to use Immediate Bitcoin

Over time we have tested numerous trading solutions. For the majority of them, the user has to sign up on a website and use a dashboard provided there once they are logged in. With Immediate Bitcoin, you have to download and install the application on your local device. That could be either a desktop or a handheld smartphone device.

For a smartphone, the application is available for Android and IOS. Meanwhile, for the desktop, a version exists for both Windows and OS. Once the app is installed, then you can sign up if you do not already have an account.

You then have to deposit a minimum of $200 to start trading. You head to the dashboard and set the parameters for your trading before setting things in motion. The application has a statistic page where you can see all the data regarding your activity, including your balance, open orders and your revenue.

You can cash out your income at any time of the day, and it takes less than two hours for the process to be complete.

What did we think about the user interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX)?

The application seems to have designed with the end-user in mind. It provides a smooth feel. It is also very functional in all kinds of things you would want such a platform to do. We also sought to see how customer support turns out. We must say that we were impressed. Our ticket was quickly picked up, and the agent came across as someone who knew what they are supposed to do. They were also very courteous and ready to do all it takes to make us comfortable with the system.

What are the critical features of Immediate Bitcoin

  • AI-driven trading
  • A locally installed application
  • Excellent User Interface (UI)
  • Unique User Experience (UX)
  • Detailed statistics page

Why should you trade using Immediate Bitcoin

There are many reasons why we believe you should use Immediate Bitcoin. At the top of the list is the fact that it provides the opportunity for you to create value for yourself of cryptos and while at the same time it minimizes the risks involved by carefully analyzing the market trends and only placing orders when it is evident to the algorithm that it will make money out of the trade.

The other reason why you should consider using Immediate Bitcoin is the fact that the developers seem to have given the User Interface and the User Experience a lot of thought. Albert and I think the experience was one of the best we have ever encountered with this kind of application. 

Can you make a profit using Immediate Bitcoin

During our investigations, we talked to many people who have been using this application for a while. And almost all of them told us they have managed to make the amount that Immediate Bitcoin has promised between $950 and $2200 daily.

But more importantly, though, is that we managed to put in our own money and tried the app for about a month. We put in $1000, and within two weeks we were making revenue in that range.

So can you make money using Immediate Bitcoin?

Yes, you can, but whatever you make will, of course, depend on factors such as how much you put in, particular parameters you draw for the application, and also how long you are willing to remain in the game.

Is there an Immediate Bitcoin mobile app?

Yes, Immediate Bitcoin has a mobile application for both Android and IOS. However, if, for whatever reason, you cannot download the app, you have the option of accessing the UI through the browser. The portal is very mobile friendly and can give you most of the functionality and experience you get through the app.


We believe that Immediate Bitcoin is a trading tool you should try. We made some money with it, and talking to those who have used it, the feedback more or less was the same; the application delivers on its promise.

It is important, however, to state that any kind of investment is a risk, and therefore you should only invest what you can afford to lose.


Immediate Bitcoin


Free to use

81% Claimed win-rate
$250 Min Deposit
Accepts Debit and Credit Card
  Trade Now


Is Immediate Bitcoin a scam?

No, it is not. And this is going by the feedback from those who have used as well as our own experience using the application to trade.

What is the minimum deposit I can make

The minimum amount you need to deposit on Immediate Bitcoin before you start trading is $200. On the upper side, you can deposit as much as you want, but for amounts over $10k, you need to speak to support.

Is there an Immediate Bitcoin mobile app

Yes, there is an Immediate Bitcoin mobile application for both Android and IOS.

Can I make money with Immediate Bitcoin

Our experience as well as talking to people who have used this application is evidence that yes, you can make money with it.

Can I withdraw money from Immediate Bitcoin

You can withdraw from your account any time you want to, and it takes a few hours to have the money in your account. Of course, it depends on the payment method you are using.

Is Immediate Bitcoin safe

Nothing is 100% safe, especially when it comes to investment and crypto trading, for that matter. However, compared to other investment tools online, it is safe.

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