Iranian Government To Freeze Bank Accounts Of Women Who Decide Not To Wear Hijab

An Iranian parliament member has informed the native media that the authorities of the country have a strategy to implement exclusive punishments on women bank account holders for not wearing a hijab while moving in public. The government would reportedly halt the bank accounts of those women holders who decline to put on a hijab.

Iranian Authorities to Terminate Bank Accounts of the Women Rejecting Hijab

A participant of the Islamic Consultative Assembly-based Cultural Commission, Hossein Jalali, stated recently that the persons who do not veil would receive an SMS persuading them to comply with the law and wear a Hijab in advance of entering a cautionary stage.

As per him, the potential closure of the non-abiding persons’ bank accounts would be executed in the end.

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As the official mentioned, the bank accounts might get frozen in the third phase. Formerly, when the governments took such measures to compel the citizens, the dissidents and protestors moved toward crypto space to keep on utilizing the financial instruments.

No details were offered by Jalali on the potential warning phase. Nonetheless, he disclosed that no morality police should be appointed for the enforcement of compliance.

As noted by the rest of the key personalities, the authorities may use cameras in addition to artificial intelligence (AI) for the identification of offenders.

The ongoing objections have taken place across the country since the 17th of September when the morality police handcuffed Mahsa Amini (a woman resident of Iran) for not putting on a hijab as well as died in a distrustful situation at a Tehran-based hospital.

Several women in the country are presently setting their hijabs on fire or declining to put them on amid a wider push to compel the authorities to pull back their strict hijab requirements.

The penalty of the bank-account closure for the protestors is moving alongside the former happenings in Canada during 2022 when Justin Trudeau (the Canadian Prime Minister) implemented the Emergencies Act on the 15th of February.

The respective act permitted the regulators to put a stop to the bank accounts of the people participating in the protests of the “Freedom Convoy.” A few among those protestors utilized crypto assets for the support of the movement as GoFundMe (a fundraising platform) eliminated the campaign from the website thereof.

Iran Operates on a CBDC Named Crypto Rial

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Iran, the country that has been utilizing cryptocurrencies since the 9th of August in trade contracts with other countries, has been engaged in constructing its separate Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) entitled as the crypto rial.

The thread posed by the authorities to halt bank accounts for compliance enforcement again points toward the hazards related CBDCs as well as the conversion to economies with no cash.

On the 6th of December, Nigeria prohibited the withdrawals of above forty-five dollars per day from ATMs, while attempting to push the population to utilize the disliked CBDC project of the country. On the contrary, the decentralized crypto assets’ transfers are analogous to cash as the government cannot censor them.

A CBDC critic, who also hosts Wall Street Silver (a YouTube channel), noted in a tweet posted on the 6th of December that the citizens’ funds are under the absolute control of the governments and that it is not a good idea as they can even delete the residents’ money if they just do not behave in a certain manner.

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