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Today our team member interviewed the CEO of QuantBitex, David Grier. Our interviewer Tom had a chance to converse with someone who has a lot of information concerning the automated cryptocurrency trading / investment market. You probably know how dynamic the financial world is. If you are a digital investor or someone looking to start this lucrative career, you might have a lot to learn from this interview. Find the time and hear from the horse’s mouth.

Interviewer: Hi, thanks for showing interest in talking to us. Our readers must be expecting to understand the whole idea behind the algorithm for crypto investing. Most importantly algorithmic trading and what is there for them.

CEO: Well, thank you for having me. Firstly, I will want to acknowledge that cryptocurrency can be more than throwing your cash and hopefully waiting for profits. You must approach digital trading with various techniques if you want to earn big. Gone are the days where anyone could jump on stage and rely on luck to make the most out of the cryptocurrency market. This method has proven to be injurious to most traders. Not everyone makes it in the financial industry. But do traders have to act with fear while investing?

I believe that trading should be enjoyable and profitable in the end. For this reason, we decided to design an algorithm that will be conducting the trades. All a trader need to do is wait for the outcomes. This will help them to reduce greed and fear. We all know the dangers of emotions while trading digital currencies. So, QuantBitex offers to allow traders to enjoy profits without panicking about the trade trends.

Interviewer: That seems like something that any digital trader should try. Most people find cryptocurrency very risky and if the automated services can work out, it will be good. Okay, and currently, how do you think the pandemic has affected the economic industry? And maybe how it has affected QuantBitex in offering trading services.

CEO: Pandemic affected almost all industries. But, I think it will boost some. Now, most people will start looking for new ways to earn living. If someone can get a chance to make money while at home, that’s a step. It is with no doubt that financial sectors will start witnessing an increase in the number of traders. However, traders should not expect it easy in the cryptocurrency market. They need not to worry though. QuantBitex software is there to aid both beginners and veterans in the digital trading sector.

Interviewer: What are some of the advantages that automated trading has over manual trading?

CEO: Automated currency trading should be the way to go. Online trading is all about speed and accuracy. Traders can enjoy multiple benefits of using QuantBitex. Our platforms ensure speed and accuracy in conducting the trades. With this, there will be more profits in the long run. Traders will not have to spend time tracking market trends. Our software will do all the work. Automated services will also help in lowering transaction costs.

Another thing is accuracy. When executing trades automatically, you can avoid the risks of investing in the wrong trades. You probably know how common this is with manual trading. You can find people claiming that they invested in the wrong pair, or with the wrong amount of money. You should not expect this with QuantBitex. Everything will be in control. A lot awaits for any trader who wants to enjoy a different way of approaching the cryptocurrency industry. Joining our platform is simple. You only need internet and your device (laughs)

Interviewer: Automated trading seems like a new way to go. How are you predicting the future of digital trading? In your business and the financial industry as a whole.

CEO: Well, I expect to see more people joining the financial sector. With what the pandemic has done to the economy, it will be a good idea to invest in cryptocurrency. So, that’s it, we are expecting prosperity and expansion.

Interviewer: That’s good. I think we can wind up there. Thank you again for sharing your information about QuantBitex with us.

CEO: Great. Thanks.

Author: Michael Ellis

Michael is an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast and writer. He is the main writer for Cryptocoin Stock Exchange.

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