What is a Crypto Launchpad and How Does It Work?

What is a Crypto Launchpad?

Crypto Launchpad is a digital crowdfunding platform. This platform grants access to early investors to the newly issued tokens. When it comes to investment, early investors tend to reap the benefit of several-fold gains later.

The same rule is also applicable to cryptocurrencies. Therefore, most investors tend to look for growth projects that have the best potential of gaining value and generating maximum profits later. At the same time, early investors also get to purchase newly issued tokens at an inexpensive rate.

However, it can be difficult for individual investors to keep track of newly launched cryptocurrencies. At the same time, crypto startups can face issues when it comes to looking for best-launching platforms that have a healthy reach and good reputation. Both these issues are solved by cryptocurrency Launchpad.

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At one end, it allows new projects to introduce their tokens to potential investors on an established platform. On the other side, individual investors can sign-up on the platform to get notifications regarding the latest token listings.

How Does a Crypto Launchpad Work?

Crypto Launchpads are also called incubators and they can be present in the form of decentralized exchanges. Since these platforms are usually decentralized, it means that new cryptocurrency projects can list their tokens on this Launchpad to obtain funding before applying for a public listing. In this manner, early investors can find details about the newest cryptocurrency startups.

In the same manner, the founder of the startup also has a better chance of gaining easy access to a hoard of investors.  At the same time, investors are able to perform due diligence before investing in a new cryptocurrency project.

Thus, investors are able to avoid scams and prevent possible fraudulent or badly planned investments. Crypto Launchpad also implements screening processes such as KYC checks to ensure verified accounts as a security measure.

These platforms connect new projects with potential investors. All the while, a crypto Launchpad also brings more transparency and security checks for all account holders.

In this manner, the startups can be shielded against price manipulation and investors can avoid fraudulent schemes. On this account, these platforms also charter and implement a specified set of rules for listing qualification. Furthermore, investors can also check the distribution policy of a new project on the Launchpad.

Advantages of Crypto Launchpads

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Low Fees

Participation fees for investors and listing fees for startups are usually low on cryptocurrency launchpad. There are also some decentralized platforms that do not charge an initial fee from startup firms. However, the platform has to maintain a steady supply of followers to warrant its value and demand among investors and crypto companies.


Launchpads install checks for investors and token listings. The interest of the platform is to ensure unbiased token listings and ensuring secure investment opportunities for its account holders.

Therefore, a crypto launchpad does not store listed tokens on a personal account and allows investors to maintain their reserves in order to avoid any type of security breach.

No Wait-lists

Account holders on crypto Launchpad do not have to deal with delayed transactions and unwarranted red tape. Instead, the platform ensures that tokens are accessible to potential investors with as little resistance as possible while ensuring the best security measures.


Crypto launchpads bring transparency for both investors and token issuers. Startups can rest assured that investors have verified accounts. At the same time, the investors have access to all the necessary information regarding a new token offering such as the background of developers, distribution mechanism, roadmap, etc.

Types of Crypto Launchpads

Initial DEX Offering Launchpads

IDOs are listings that are associated with the newly launched decentralized exchanges. Some well-known IDOs are GameFi, TrustPad, and BSCPad etc.

Initial NFT Offering Launchpads

INO launchpads are crowdfunding events that allow investors to generate funds for a new NFT collection or project. Popular INOs launchpads are Seedify BSCStation, and Only1.

Initial Coin Offering Launchpads

ICO launchpads introduce the latest blockchain and dApp projects to prospect investors. Investors have the option to generate massive profits by investing in the best projects. Some of the most popular ICO launchpads are Polkastarter and CardStarter.

Initial Game Offering Launchpads

IGOs Launchpads such as Gamestater, PlayPad, and Enjinstarter debut play-to-earn projects that can be based on NFTs, Web 3.0 applications, or DAOs.


Crypto Launchpad provides a good solution for investors and startups to solve the issue of networking and crowdfunding. However, both investors and firms should conduct research and collect all necessary information before listing on a new platform.

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