What is a Stealth Address and How Does It Work in Crypto?

What is a Stealth Address?

Stealth addresses are private digital locations that allow recipients to conceal identity and transaction information. Digital currency investors can use stealth addresses as a way to increment privacy that allows them to make transactions anonymously.

However, stealthy addresses are used for one-time transactions and are distinct in nature. In this manner, the actual address of the recipient is hidden when sending or receiving funds using a stealth account.

How do Stealth Addresses Work?

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When generating a stealthy address, the user does not need to make a private key. The digital wallet automatically detects a transaction. Once a new transaction is detected, the wallet generates private key based on the public address of the recipient to complete the transactions.

In this way, the recipient has control over their funds without disclosing primary address. Therefore, the privacy of a digital currency transaction also increases and shields it from any sort of monitoring or retracing financial activity.

In this manner, stealth addresses enable private and secure transaction for crypto investors within the blockchain sector. Privacy coins such as Monero (XMR) utilize stealth addresses.  Every XMR transaction prevents outsiders from accessing or connecting with the sender, receiver, or read the transaction amount.

Stealth Addresses Vs Regular Addresses

Cryptocurrencies exist in a digital form therefore investors should have a digital currency address to make transactions. Regular cryptocurrency addresses that are based on traditional wallets use a designated single address for all transactions.

However, this system allows anyone to access the transaction records of the investor. Therefore, regulator addresses are subject to privacy violations and enable third parties to retrace transaction details and history.

At the same time, suspicious actors can use regular addresses to identify source of income, spending patterns, and general behavior of an investor. At the same time, utilization of same address can also expose the investors to vulnerabilities and attacks and expose them to threat actors.

On the contrary, stealth addresses generate unique addresses for one-time transactions that ensure the privacy for the investors by disabling retracing of trail of financial records. At the same time, stealth addresses allow only intended recipient to detect and make the transaction.

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Advantages of Stealth Addresses


Stealth addresses are more secure since hackers cannot retrace a wallet address or transaction details using unique digital addresses. In this manner, the users are able to make anonymous transactions without disclosing information regarding the total amount, spending pattern, receivers, or senders.


Privacy is one of the most important tenets of stealth addresses. When using paper currency, it is not possible for government or law enforcement agencies to keep record of any transactions.

However, when it comes to digital transactions there is a lot of hype regarding disclosure of all online transaction details. Using stealth address grants users an additional level of transaction privacy in comparison to regular digital addresses.


A stealth address is like a disposable digital address that is used one-time only. Therefore, the recipients have to generate a new stealth address for each new transaction.

Address Quantity

Regular addresses create one address for all handling all transactions. However, stealth addresses generate one-time address for every single transaction. In this manner, stealth addresses for every new transaction are generated from scratch.


Stealth addresses reveal limited information to the blockchain in terms of user identification. However, regular networks add all transaction information on the network.

Risks Associated with Stealth Transactions

Technical Errors

Stealth addresses have to generate a unique address for each new transaction. It can lead to extra workload and technical errors.

Processing Time

Transaction processing time of stealth addresses can slow down on account of added computational steps.


A lot of cryptocurrencies have not added support for stealth addresses. Therefore, using stealth addresses is limited to a few digital currencies.

Skills and Training

Stealth addresses require technical knowledge and training to utilize. An untrained user can face difficulties in navigating through stealth addresses on account of the lack of simple UI as in regular addresses.


When it comes to blockchain transactions there are lots of questions regarding transaction privacy. Stealth addresses are tools that allow investors to retain privacy and make verified transactions in a secure manner.

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