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ADStraders Review

ADStraders logoWhen you are looking for solutions to help you earn high profits, you will come across the option of trading. You have probably read plenty of news about people making it big in the financial market, while trading different assets. Some succeeded in the forex market while others were able to profit from trading stocks. Have you ever thought about entering the trading market yourself? Most people never considered it because it was difficult to figure out how to get started. However, technological progress has changed everything and the internet paved the way for a convenient solution in the form of online trading.

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Today, you don’t have to venture out of your home to be able to trade financial instruments; all you have to do is find a broker, be ready to invest some money and get started. It is exactly as simple as that, but it is important to remember that the right broker can make all the difference. The market is overflowing with brokers these days because the trading market has expanded and grown significantly in the last decade and this has given scammers an opportunity as well. Fake and scam brokers also exist and you need to keep a careful eye out in order to ensure you don’t fall for one.

What kind of broker do you need? You need one like ADStraders, a broker that was founded in 2008 and has only flourished and expanded since then, primarily because of their exemplary services. ADS Securities LLC established this brokerage and registered it properly. One of the biggest assurances that this broker offers to its clients is the fact that it is authorized by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. This clearly indicates that the broker is not a scam and neither one of the shady and unregulated brokerages out there.

Instead, they are one of the most reputable ones operating in the market, giving you the opportunity to trade forex, CFDs and cryptocurrencies to your heart’s content. When you choose this broker, you are free to open positions on CFDs on equities, indices, commodities or cryptocurrencies and you can trade the forex currency pairs of your choice. ADStraders is a broker you can trust and they have provided their clientele with the best of everything to help them have a solid trading experience.

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Some of the perks that you will get when you register with include:

  • Trading Products as Per your Risk Tolerance

No two traders have the same risk tolerance. Some people tend to enjoy taking risks, even when it comes to money, while others prefer to be careful and weigh every decision carefully. No matter which camp you fall into, ADStraders has ensured that its clients can access trading products that can suit different risk tolerances. Whether you enjoy high risk or low risk, the broker has a huge array of trading products to offer in all categories.

You can trade numerous financial instruments that start with foreign currency pairs, including major and minor ones, some of the world’s top equities as well as stock indices and cryptocurrencies. There are also commodities, including agricultural items, energies and precious metals. For those who are looking for volatility, ADStraders has added cryptocurrency CFDs, seeing as they are quite in demand. You can choose to include as many assets as you like in your trading portfolio.

  • Compliance with Regulatory Standards

With security a major issue nowadays, ADStraders is in full compliance with all important regulatory standards to provide its traders with a transparent and fair environment for trading. To start with, the broker has adopted Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies because as they can help keep cybercriminals out. They require some documentation from traders like a copy of a valid passport, a utility bill or bank statement showing residential address, a picture of your debit or credit card and proof of online transactions.

Along with these policies, ADStraders has also implemented customer account segregation policies on its platforms. This ensures that customer funds are not used for the broker’s own operations and can be refunded, in case of bankruptcy. Advanced encryption technology is also used for securing communications and protecting the information entrusted to the broker by the clients.

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  • Availability of Multiple Trading Platforms

Opening and closing positions, executing trades, managing portfolios and using trading tools is all possible through the trading platform that a broker provides. ADStraders is different from other brokers in this regard because they have multiple trading platforms. They have added the top-notch MT4, the choice of experienced traders globally, which comes with sophisticated tools and high security measures. There is also the WebTrader that eliminates downloading and gives easy access to traders to their account without compromising on speed and stability. Most importantly, mobile apps have also been provided by ADStraders to accommodate its clients, regardless of time and their location.

  • Access to Extensive Tools and Resources

One of the biggest perks that traders can get when they opt for ADStraders is access to an extensive variety of trading tools and training resources that can help them make the most of their trading. They have added advanced charting tools, expert advisers, trading indicators and signals and alerts to help their clients. Moreover, the broker also has a complete section dedicated to providing learning material to their users because they understand that knowledge can result in profitable trading. There are interactive tutorials, seminars and webinars and even e-books for offering guidance on various topics related to trading.

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Final Verdict

With ADStraders, you can also benefit from competitive spreads, low trading fee, variety in deposit and withdrawal methods and a ton of account options that are designed to cater to different types of traders. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it when you choose ADStraders and will be able to trade without any hassle or problem.

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