Trading Psychology: How to Trade Without Emotions

Understanding the Role of Open Interest in the Crypto Futures Market


Most traders only worry about learning fundamental and technical analysis when learning to trade. While these skills are necessary, they encompass the science of the trade. There is another facet of trading related to psychology that most investors tend to forget which can be defined as the art of trading and you can read all about it in this article.

The Role of Trading Psychology

When a person is trading, they should be aware of their psychological state as well as the market. Psychology can make a big impact on trading markets and a trader. There are times when professional and trained investors can make bad decisions when they are under the influence of their emotions.

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FOMO is a popular term that describes the phenomenon of emotional decision-making in the trading sector. It stands for fear of missing out and explains the eagerness to purchase a given asset class on account of a sudden price hike.

Fundamentals of Trading Mindset

When trading, an investor needs to master their emotional urges and examine their psychological tendencies. The two fundamental trading motivations when it comes to psychological factors are fear and greed. Fear inspires investors to cultivate a viable risk management strategy.

On the other hand, greed can also induce an investor to increase a current trading position or start a new one to avoid losing potential profits. To become successful investors the traders need to strike a healthy balance between fear and greed.

The investors should be led by their desire to make sizeable profits while implementing a suitable amount of risk management to avoid impulsive trading decisions.

What is a Bad Trading Mentality?

Here are some hypothetical scenarios that every trader can face that can harm their profit-earning potential:

Unrealistic Expectations

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Some people expect trading to generate exponential returns in small periods. However, the reality is contrary to that. In reality, the ratio of massive trade returns is exceptionally low. Therefore, it is best to maintain a realistic market expectation when starting trading.


It is impossible to avoid losses when trading. The most successful and well-known investors have encountered bad deals because it is impossible to predict the market direction with 100 percent accuracy. Therefore, it is best to accept the possibility of failure in advance without losing heart.


Winning is the ultimate goal of traders. However, investors must beware that a winning position can delude them into becoming over-confident and they can end up losing their entire investment by placing wrong or impulsive trading bets.


Market sentiment is so important that there are multiple trading metrics to measure it. Professional traders value the overall market sentiment over their personal feelings concerning a particular investment product. Therefore, investors can benefit by collecting these market sentiment metrics and referencing them to make credible trading decisions.

Social Media and Press

Social media and the press can have a strong impact on market sentiment. At the same time, there is a strong possibility of getting biased and rigged trading information from both these resources. Investors must take into account both sides of the coin before selling or purchasing assets under their influence.

Tips to Cultivate a Strong Trading Mindset

Here are some important tips that can help investors to cultivate a healthy and strong trading mentality:

  • Create a trading strategy for the long term rather than aiming to generate massive profits for the short term.
  • It is important to take a break from the marketplace to avoid getting overwhelmed with the information coming from multiple investment resources.
  • Keep a detailed record of your trading activities and strategy edits. In this manner, you can track which trading bets have paid considerably and which ones have bombed.
  • Set trading goals to avoid letting greed take over. At the same time, it is best to create a personalized trading strategy and stick to it until your goals are realized.


Traders must be aware that every trading market can have a different psychological impact on investors. For example, the cryptocurrency markets are open for trading around the clock which can induce investors to spend more time monitoring the markets.

Therefore, it is best to point out the potential issues and find their solutions to avoid slipping into a negative trading mentality.

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