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Undoubtedly, Group500 is a leading brokerage firm which has vast experience in the field of trading and which gives high priority to the satisfaction of its customers. So if anyone wants to control his trading ambitions then it is essential that he chooses wisely and choose Group500 as his trading partner.

Group 500 Review

Group 500 logoThe world we live in is fully of luxuries but not all are able to get their hands on them. For enjoying the luxuries of life one need to be richer or that the one need to do something extra other than his normal job so that he can also share a fair piece of luxuries of life. One such trending means of allowing anyone the source of earning secondary income is the online trading which does not require anyone to be master in trading. To the contrary, all it takes is a little amount of investment and engaging a perfect trading brokerage firm to fulfill his dream.

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One such dream fulfiller online brokerage goes by the name Group500 which was launched a few years back with the sole objective of providing its customers industry leading trading products as well as services while also enabling them to utilize its platform as an education/learning institute which can equip the customers with the much needed essential tools, knowledge and mindset so that they can fulfill their dreams in the best way possible.

Soon after its emergence within the online brokerage firms, it has been able to accomplish what not many have not been able to do so. Group500 is highly regarded as one of the leading online brokerage firm who has developed itself into a global trademark which is widely and famously recognized amongst the online trading industry and traders all over the world. It has designed its trading platform in a way that it provides enormous efficiency to reach out, explore and then execute trading assignments from and within the financial markets. To equip its customers with the requisite education and empowering them in utilizing the trading assets for getting maximum benefits is the passion of Group500.

Now anyone can fulfill his dreams irrespective of how small is the size of investment or how big it is. It does not really matter whether you are a professional trader or a complete novice (who has zero knowledge about the online trading). As a matter of fact what really matters is that everyone can be a part of online trading system, a proven and time-tested great source of income generating, if it is done with precision and dedication and with the help of Group500. Let us see now how Group500 can be helpful in turning the dreams into reality.

What sort of trading assets can be traded with Group500

Like all other online brokerage firms, Group500 is also involved in providing services to its customers which include allowing them to trade in multifarious trading assets such as Forex, Futures, Commodities, Indices, Stocks etc. It may be pertinent to mention here that not every brokerage firm has the means to allow its customers to trading in multiple assets but to the contrary they focus on either one or two trading products because they lack the resources, experts, expertise as well as experience.

A platform of innumerable benefits

However, as stated above, Group500 is widely known as a global leader and therefore the expectations of online traders and online community from Group500 are very high. So in order to meet the demands of its present and continuously growing customers, Group500 has made sure that it should not only provide the opportunity of trading to its customers in the best and most lucrative top trading assets but also make sure that they can use advanced tools of cutting edge technology so that the execution of the trading transactions becomes efficient, more lucrative, secured and above all is a source of comfort and not an inconvenience. For example there are numerous benefits if a trader decides to use the platform of Group500 for his trading purposes. Some of the most prominent benefits are: –

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  • Security: When it comes to security of funds, data, information and transactions, Group500 takes a lead from its competitors. The platform of Group500 is the best amongst the online brokerage firms with high standards of security protocols and has a very user-friendly interface and undergoes various upgradations from time to time.
  • Exclusion of Paperwork: While it is quite annoying to engage services of any service provider because one may need to go through extensive and exhaustive paperwork. However, the platform of Group500 excludes paperwork and in fact whatever information is required, it can be submitted through online via email or live chat between the representative of Group500 and the customer. So the level of comfort and convenience which are available at the platform of Group500 are not available with majority of online brokerage firms.
  • 24/7 clients support: Another most glaringly prominent feature of using the platform of Group500 is the facility of availability of 24/7 clients support. Group500 is fully aware of the fact, and believes in letter and spirit, that providing of highly trained, highly qualified and expert customer support is a great source of increasing the loyal of the customer and helps an organization winning the confidence of the customer. This is the reason why, even though quite younger from its competitors, Group500 has established itself into a brand name which has in return increased the popularity and business of Group500 globally.

Considering the above benefits, it becomes really hard for anyone to overlook or ignore Group500 and that is the key of success in marking Group500’s existence in the online trading industry. But of course that’s not all. There are also a large number of plus points, benefits and advantages which are essential to know by anyone who wishes to be a part of Group500.

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Trading Accounts of Group500

Moving along, the next important thing to note about an online brokerage firm is the provision of trading accounts. Though there is no shortage of brokerage firms online, yet not everyone is able to serve in the best interests of their customers. Most commonly it has been seen that many of the online brokerage firms have either one or two trading accounts available for trading by the customers and even the initial deposits required for owning a trading account is either very less or very high that shows lack of balance and exterminate the concept of fair trading.

While at the platform of Group500, its customers has multiple options in terms of selecting the trading account of their choice. For the time being there are 5 different accounts that have been made available by Group500 which can be owned by any person with the initial deposit ranging from 10,000 + to 500,000 + and includes Silver, Gold, Platinum and Signature accounts.

Each account has its own dedicated perks, bonuses, features and benefits which grow with every upper level/advanced level account such as 24/7 customer support, 1 on 1 basic training, access to education center, unlimited 365 trading dashboard, full trading signals, account managers, lots trading sizes, trading news, leverage, personal sessions with market analyst, private banking, insured contracts, etc. For the attraction of traders, all these accounts have been designed in a way that each account individually can take care of the needs of every type of trader, whether he is a beginner or a professional trader.

Easy Processing for owning a Group500 Trading Account

Once a trader is able to select the trading account of his choice then after depositing the mandatory initial deposit, and by following a very simple process, anyone can own a trading account with Group500. Opening a trading account with Group500 is a 3 step process firstly a trader will need to select a trading account of his choice, secondly the trader will have to fill in profile information such as personal data and submission of few identity papers (both of them can be provided/submitted online) and lastly after due verification of the details by the team of Group500 the initial deposit can be deposited into the account and the trader/owner is eligible to take part in the trading instantly.

Group 500 trading platform

Unique Trading Platform

Efficiency and accuracy of transactions with instant execution are the traits of a successful brokerage firm and if a brokerage firm lacks any of the two, then the business is bound to go down which will ultimately adversely affect the confidence within the customers.

Armed with the ultimate aim of bringing fortunes and success to its customers and in order to enhance their chances of success in the global trading market, Group500 has made sure that it provides the best experts, most lucrative trading assets from and within the most exponential trading markets of the world and above all it has ensured that it provides the best trading platform which can allow its customers to conduct their trades with efficiency. It has developed its very own web based version of trading platform called Web Trader which is equipped with the uptodate technology.

Web Trader can be accessed via a trader’s personal computer, laptop or any internet based devices such as Mobile and Tabs with the operating system of Android or Apple. It has a very simple user interface and anyone without facing any difficulty would be able to use it with its full potential. It has the ability to conduct trading transactions instantly and can be customized to store automated commands. It is a highly secured trading application which is capable of providing smart trading charts and expert analysis and since it is a web based application, therefore, anyone can access it from any part of the world.

Similarly, the software allows a user to have complete control over his profile and is very helpful in allowing its user to access his trades at anytime from anywhere. It allows you full freedom of accessibility because it can be accessed through any browser.

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Extra advantages of working with Group500

As explained above, being a leader is not an easy thing. Group500 has to remain at all times on its feet to meet and fulfill the demands of its customers. So allowing the customers to have various benefits and advantages is still not enough. Group500 is dedicated to provide even extra advantages to its customers these advantages include such as “Spread and Trading Hours” where, for the convenience of the customers, information in the shape of graphs have been provided so that the customers remain informed about the trending currency pairs 24/7

Then there is “Trade Glossary” section where different abbreviations and acronyms relating to trading industry have been duly elaborated for the learning and education of the customers so that when a customer of Group500 encounters them at any time, he is fully aware of what is the meaning of acronym being used. For example there are various terms used in the trading language such as AAA, ABS, Amortization, Future, Future Options, Leverage Recapitalization etc. which are very well explained so as to provide the reader complete know how about them.

Then there are “Forex Signals” which have been duly determined by the expert team of Group500 so as to provide to its customers information and news about the trending in the forex market in order for the customers to utilize them for their own benefit. These signals have been produced by working in close collaboration with the team of Group500 and technology providers who are intellectuals attached with the trading industry.

Know your brokerage

Lastly, and most importantly, one should know with whom he is working with. If anyone want to know more about Group500 and its rules and regulations and policies, he can easily do that. There is a separate exclusive section at the website of Group500 which can be accessed by anyone to know about the company and its policies and of course Group500 stresses upon its customers to must visit the page in order to get clarification of their queries and questions, if any.

Concluding Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Group500 is a leading brokerage firm which has vast experience in the field of trading and which gives high priority to the satisfaction of its customers. So if anyone wants to control his trading ambitions then it is essential that he chooses wisely and choose Group500 as his trading partner.

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