MarketSpots Review – How MarketSpots Distinguishes Itself among Other Online Trading Firms

MarketSpots Review

In recent years, as the online trading business has progressed, online trading firms that are not able to deliver as they claim have also increased. These online trading firms tend to make many promises but hardly keep any.

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They promise high profits with low investments but keep asking for more money from time to time. On top of that, these firms do not encourage customers to learn and understand the online trading markets and their trends.

They would rather discourage customers from doing any assessments or calculations before investment as their motives would become visible.

MarketSpots and its Motives

Now is the time to discuss how MarketSpots distinguishes itself from such online trading firms. The very first difference is its aim as rather than discourage, it encourages its users to learn and understand the online trading markets. 

It focuses on polishing the trading skills of its users through webinars, profile analysis, trading analysis, and grooming. As far as the investments are concerned, it provides customers with a clear picture of requirements and services it offers them based on their investments so there are no hidden fees or charges.

The other difference is that MarketSpots exerts its efforts into providing its customers with state of the art trading platform, most invested trading instruments, and a vast range of trading markets.

MarketSpots’ List of Online Trading Accounts

MarketSpots is known for facilitating its customers with the most organized list of trading accounts. If you think you need time learning basics or intermediate level trading skills, then you can opt for accounts such as Standard and Silver.

If you hunger for more challenges, complex trading markets, difficult scenarios, and extra profits, then you can opt for trading accounts that include Gold & VIP trading accounts.

If you consider yourself at the top of the online trading business, then you can go for the highest kills through MarketSpots’ ‘Professional’ trading account. 

Trading Instruments Offered by MarketSpots

If you trade through MarketSpots, then you get to trade with more than one trading instrument. For now, the firm is offering forex as it is the most liquid and followed trade in the online trading markets.

Then comes cryptocurrency that is booming due to its mainstream recognition and adoption throughout the globe. Lastly, it is stocks that is one of the oldest online trading assets available.

If you trade in either of the assets through MarketSpots, you will not regret it as its extremely talented and veteran team of analysts and experts have full command over these assets. They are always available to provide you guidance and the best advice while trading.

Know-Your-Customer Compliance

Do not be surprised or concerned if you MarketSpots demands you to provide proof of your personal identification as the firm does it for your own safety. As per Know-Your-Customer policy, MarketSpots is required to confirm the identity of its customers before it lets them trade through their platform

As MarketSpots is fully compliant with KYC policy, if you are not okay with sharing details that prove your identification, then you should not go with KYC. However, you must know that it is to protect your account and asses from any hacks or misuse.

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Deposit or Withdraw from MarketSpots

If you wish to open up an account at MarketSpots, then the minimum deposit requirement is $10,000. If you are willing then the next step is taking out either your Visa, Maestro, or MasterCard and make the deposit. If you do not prefer a card, then you can perform a bank wire transfer

As soon as you make the deposit through the card, you will be surprised to see that you will have the ability to trade the next minute.

When it comes to withdrawals, they may take up to 3-4 days to complete and the money is sent to the same source through which the deposit was made. Furthermore, the withdrawals you make are paid out in the same currency as your trading currency. 

The minimum withdrawal you can make through MarketSpots is £/$/€100. Just so you know, the withdrawal time can take even more than 3-4 days based on the payment method you choose.

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