Ronin Single-Handedly Outpaced Ethereum In Terms of Processing 560% More Transactions than Ethereum

One of the most popular app in the past 12 months is none other than ‘Axie Infinity’, which is a blockchain-based game. In terms of NFT sales, Axie Infinity has become the world’s best NFT selling app whose sales have gone past US$ 3.85 Billion. There is currently no NFT collection that can compete with the NFT collections of Axie Infinity. There is a sidechain belonging to Axie Infinity which is called “Ronin”. Over the past few months, the growth of Ronin has been one of the most profound ones.

The sidechain of ‘Ronin’ was designed by Axie Infinity for the purposes of dealing with scaling issues and resolving exorbitant fee charges. Soon after its development, Ronin not only served the purpose but also executed transactions faster and at cheaper rates. Ronin can easily be compared with popular protocols such as Arbitrum One and Polygon.

Since Ronin has its own wallet, it is therefore capable of handling sidechain transactions. In terms of scaling, Ronin’s performance is unparalleled. For instance, in the month of November 2021 alone, Ronin executed 560% of the overall Ethereum transactions.

Currently, there is no official document that describes how many transactions are executed by Ronin in a second. As per an expert estimation, Ronin requires only 3 seconds to process a transaction, irrespective of its size or nature. Similarly, the gas fee is relatively on the higher side at Ethereum which is one of the reasons why Ethereum is regarded as ‘uneconomical’ by many. However, Ronin, on the other hand, allows its wallet holder to transact 100 transactions at least in a single day without even charging a penny. Ronin however plans to charge a fee in the future but it will be charged once Ronin’s native token is issued. Even then, the fee will not be more than US$ 1.

It hasn’t been more than 12 months when Ronin emerged on the Ethereum blockchain. Yet it has been able to prove a lot in terms of resolving issues relating to scaling an exorbitant fee. It wouldn’t be wrong to allege that it was Ronin who brought Axie Infinity under the spotlight.

Author: Jerry Dedmon

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