Survey Shows Majority Of Voters Want Crypto Regulation

The Crypto Council for Innovation said that the results of a new survey showed that most voters want to see greater crypto regulation.

It said that the national survey showed that voters believe that digital assets have a lot of potentials and believe that they will be part of the economy in the long term and have a financial future.

Survey results

A crypto advocacy group by the name of the Crypto Council for Innovation on Wednesday announced the results of a national survey that it had conducted.

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It said that the results showed that crypto users would have an impact to play in the close midterm elections that were scheduled to take place across the country.

The survey had a total of 1,200 participants and it had been conducted online between October 8th and 10th.

It was led by a bipartisan team with Pioneer Polling’s Sean McElwee and The Tarrance Group’s B.J. Martino heading the survey.

The chief strategist of political affairs of the Crypto Council and former U.S. senator, Cory Gardner said that the national survey showed voters find digital assets quite promising and believe it will be part of the economy and financial future in the long term.

The voters

He said that the voters were sending a clear message that the industry had been touting as well; crypto regulation that involves clear rules for protecting consumers and realizing the full potential of the technology.

He stated that the results of the survey showed that 13% of those who had participated did hold crypto. Furthermore, 45% of the people surveyed indicated that they want lawmakers to treat crypto seriously.

They want it to be considered a valid aspect of the economy. The council further disclosed that about 52% of the voters believe that crypto requires more regulation than what currently exists.

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Crypto’s future

The survey respondents also highlighted that they do not believe that crypto is going anywhere because it has already become a part of the investment mix.

Gardner said that as opposed to other financial holdings, about 16% of the survey participants said that they have invested in stocks, while 13% opted for crypto and 12% chose mutual funds and 5% preferred bonds.

The results of the survey further revealed that more than 40% of the participants believe that cryptocurrencies have a lot of potentials that remains untapped.

There were also 33% of the survey respondents who believe that crypto is a vital financial innovation.

Gardner asserted that if the US works together, it can create more pathways that could result in substantial economic growth.

It would also help in promoting a secure digital future where people can realize the full potential of crypto through smart policy and a proper conversation.

The results of the survey are not very surprising because crypto regulation has become a very hot topic recently.

While the authorities have been working on developing crypto regulation, it has not materialized properly as yet because the market continues to evolve.

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