Bitcoin Soars Before The Occurrence of Most Anticipated Crypto Event

World’s leading crypto trading giant firm, Binance, is soon to become an entirely public listed company in the US. The listing of the company is regarded as the ground-breaking event that has been taking place in the digital world. But surprisingly before Binance could become a public listed company, Bitcoin saw soaring of its value and gone past US$ 61,229.

 Nowadays one of the most anticipated events going to take place in the crypto world is Binance’s listing of US publicly listed companies. Binance is for the time being the world’s biggest crypto trading platform. But being the biggest is just a fraction. It is also the world’s most used crypto trading platform for the acquisition of top to bottom cryptocurrencies of the world. There are millions of customers of Binance and each day multiple thousands have been becoming its members.

It also has to its credit the highly valued crypto transactions which have been done on behalf of prominent businessmen and institutions. Binance is a brand name famous globally amongst every crypto investor, irrespective of whether the investor is an institution or an individual.

But for far too long the company worked as a totally private business company and recently decided to go public. The exact reasons though have not been explained by Binance but the fact is it is going public for sure. It was told by the company, which was later also confirmed by US Securities & Exchange, that listing is expected on 14th April 2021. This is why the whole crypto industry is going gaga about Binance and its public listing.

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However, before the company could become a public listed company, another interesting thing has happened. Bitcoin, which is the leading digital coin of the world, saw soaring of its value today immensely. Its value went on exceeding US$ 61 K precisely US$ 61,229 which was a couple of hundreds short in breaking its ATH record.

In the past month i.e. March 2021, Bitcoin’s value surged over US$ 61,742 making it the highest ever. However, the surge lived very shortly and the surge was somehow turned into a massive dip.

The current surge too lived for a very short time and was pushed back at US$ 60,249 according to prevailing rates at CoinDesk. But of course, according to experts, the surge was not due to Binance’s going public listing. They were of the view that Bitcoin is gaining momentum for keeping itself above the critical price barrier of US$ 60 K. Yet the incident was duly noted and appreciated by the majority of the crypto community.

Now the main test is for the Binance lovers. It has to be seen whether or not becoming a public listed company affects the popularity of Binance amongst its customers.

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